Tiger-Eye Technology

Remote Verification as Accurate as Face to Face Verification

Tiger-Eye KYC Solution

Capture ID in any angle

VEIRIS computer vision technologies are highly advanced without the need of user to put their ID in 90° flat position or hold it in specific manner. We are able to recognize ID anywhere it detected within the camera
  • Accurate & real-time result
  • Streamline user experience
  • Eliminate Fake ID

ID Ownership through facial analysis

Ensure the person behind the transaction / ID is whom they say they are. Run remote verification as accurate as face-to-face verification. Selfie photo is not tamper proof and easily replicated. Veiris using different approach through our face streaming to eliminate any fraud possibilities.

Veiris` SDK comes with real-time face recognition ensuring end user face stays within camera area
  • Real Person Detection
  • Real-time Facial Recognition
  • Compare ID photo to face streaming
  • 10 Vital points of facial analysis
Reduce Fraud
Eliminate the risk of triangle scam and stolen ID. Ensure your users are who they say they are.
Optimize Conversion
Real-time KYC & customer on-boarding, no more waiting time for customer, decrease cart abandonment rate while increasing your sales.
Secure Environment
Veiris is PCI DSS compliant, our architecture runs on Ddos protected network with strong 256 bit AES encryption. Ensuring uptime of 99.99% for our iFrame & Web API technology
All data is transmitted using secure transport with strong cipher suites.
From image extraction to hand signature recognition are customizable.
Deploy in Minutes
Suits any needs. Integrated into Veiris’ Web API, Mobile SDK, iFrame & Webcam.
Learn more about our technologies by download the Technology Overview PDF

Get Started

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