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A staggering 70 percent of fraud is committed through chargeback practices and has cost enterprises nearly 11.2 billion dollars in lost revenue

Veiris helps enterprise to reduce fraud by performing real-time remote verification on the credit card backed with optional enterprise ecosystem to ensure the integrity & ownership of a credit card.

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    Veiris eliminates the needs of laborious keystrokes at checkout, simply tap scan button

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Start using Veiris technologies and compare your sales report. You will be amazed
Top Notch Security
If your data is not secure, it is not private. That is why we make sure that Veiris services are protected by advanced security protocols.
PCI DSS Compliance
Data Stay In Device.
Never Leaves
Stop Fraud at Early Time.
Combine Pay4Me and Tiger-Eye to perform crosscheck between ID Card, Credit Card and Facial Analysis

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